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Marcus Ferrar writes easily readable history about Germany, Eastern Europe, World War II, the Holocaust, Communism and the transition to democracy and market economies, based on real stories of people living through dramatic events.

As an award-winning
communication consultant, he works with businesses to help formulate strategies and communicate them effectively.
As a former foreign correspondent Marcus Ferrar has lived in six European countries, in East and West.
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From classical times and the exploits of the legendary Spartacus, men and women have fought for their freedom.
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I live in Oxford, UK.

I’m Chairman of the Friends of Summertown Library in Oxford.

Marcus Ferrar

My agent is Lorella Belli


books by marcus ferrar
The Budapest House

THE BUDAPEST HOUSE: A Life Rediscovered
Crux Publishing, London, 2013

"Marcus Ferrar takes us on a poignant but unsentimental journey through Hungary's darkest hours and their aftermath – one that still resonates through the decades. Ferrar masterfully recounts moving personal stories against their wider historical backdrop and vividly evokes Budapest's haunted past.”
Adam LeBor, correspondent at The Economist
and author of The Budapest Protocol

A Hungarian traumatised by the loss of half her family in
Auschwitz returns to Budapest to retrace her roots. She discovers a dramatic personal history that enables her eventually to shed the burden of her past and move forward to a new life.
This is a true story of human beings caught up in the maelstrom of 20th century history – Nazis genocide, Cold War, dictatorship, and the aftermath of Communism. Told with great sympathy and warmth, this well researched book brings history to life by recounting the experiences of ordinary men and women confronted with daunting challenges.

To learn more visit The Budapest House website

A Foot in Both  Camps
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A FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS: A German Past For Better And For Worse
LBLA Digital, London, 2012

An Anglo-German grows up torn between British wartime heroes and kindly German relatives, resolving his conflict of loyalty only in the ruins of Dresden.
“This lucidly-written book bridges the gap between Britain and Germany with scrupulous analysis and humane sympathy. It is an elegantly concise view of Anglo-German history set in the realities of personal and family existence.” – Jim Reed, Emeritus Professor of German, University of Oxford.

“In this engaging book, Marcus Ferrar combines a personal memoir with a well-informed grasp of the history of both countries and their attitudes towards each other over the past century.” – Iain R. Smith, Emeritus Reader in History, University of Warwick.

“A moving, well-written read.” –
Robert Stewart, University of Missouri-Kansas City.
Readers’ comments: “… unputdownable … solid research and a very lucid presentation … a penetrating insight into what makes modern Germany tick … highly recommended once you start this book, you will be unable to put it down.”
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SLOVENIA 1945: Memories of Death and Survival after World War II

This book by John Corsellis & Marcus Ferrar was chosen as Book of the Year in 2005 by John Bayley, critic and widower of Iris Murdoch, in the Times Literary Supplement.

First published by I.B. Tauris, London, 2005
Slovene version by Mladinska Knjiga, Ljubljana, 2006
Italian version by Libreria Editrice Goriziana, 2008

“It is right … that we too remember the tragedy which befell the Slovene people.”
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

"Presents us with a range of individuals as vividly seen and as sharply characterised as the multifarious inhabitants of War and Peace or A Dance to the Music of Time."
– John Bayley more reviews

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